Targa 38 possible purchase

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Jef lawrence
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Targa 38 possible purchase

Post by Jef lawrence » Sat Nov 30, 2019 1:58 pm

We are thinking about buying a Targa 38 now.
Is there anyone in chichester marina or nearby who has one that we could meet and discuss please.
We are quite new to motor boats, having a Moody 38 at present.
Jef Lawrence

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Re: Targa 38 possible purchase

Post by Breakwater » Wed Dec 25, 2019 11:40 am

I went for a 2008 Targa 38 earlier this year. I logged all the invoices that came with the boat to confirm expected maintenance costs, which was a frightening experience. I spent a lot of time deliberating between shafts and the significantly more expensive/complicated EVC Volvo outdrives. My conclusion is that you would be unlikely to save on running costs with outdrives vs fuelling cost. But of course if you want a younger small boat, there are no shaft options with Fairline, so outdrives it is.

Legs were "fully rebuilt" at £4700 by last owner this year, water being found in the gear oil, whereas my preferred outfit are showing routine maintenance at around £1500 including both bellows, anode kits etc, but excluding any defects found.

There is also a history of replaced failed hydraulics for power steering, trim hydraulics etc. etc.

Next years' lift out and servicing/repairs I expect will be another 5k, I guess. Seems to me that the Penta stuff is not so reliable, but perhaps boats just don't like sitting on a marina for much of their lives. Like me, I thing they need a bit of exercise to keep all joints and systems healthy and lubricated.

Being OCD in nature, I am hoping to reach a point where I have everything working properly by end of next year. I've been told that there is no such thing as a boat that's 100% defect free. This will be a mission + 1/2.

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