Hello from the Thames

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Hello from the Thames

Postby Shep » Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:29 am

Hi all, we have recently purchased a Carrera 24, she was a sad looking little thing, green on the outside, the canopy turned fingers green by just opening the side, canopy bars loose, you get the idea. Most would have walked away but I knew under the grime was a happy little boat. 2 months in our ownership & she is smiling again. Not perfect, never likely to be as a boat nearly 30 years old that has been bought to be used but all I can ask is she looks good and is reliable. This is the next part of the plan, the engines...... although mainly non tidal use, I want her to do 2-3 trips per season tidal, Medway, maybe Ramsgate if the confidence is there in the motors, therefore wish me luck, I’m going down the hole, there are a couple of 151s that I need to have a serious chat to. :D
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