Dogs on boats

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Dogs on boats

Post by admin » Mon Mar 22, 2004 5:17 pm

I've received the following query......
I have been a motor boat owner for 5 years now and last year owned a fairline mirage and just recently traded it in for a new Birchwood 34. I have a problem which I am trying to solve and wonder if any of your members could help me.

I have a golden retriever dog, when we had the fairline we could get him on the boat very easily now we have a larger boat we are not sure how we are going to get him on. We cannot carry him on as he is too heavy and when moored up will find it hard to get him on the platform at the back and up the steps. I see many large fairline, brooms etc with large dogs on them do any of your members have an idea of how we might be able to get him on?

many thanks for your help!
Any ideas?

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