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Post by Moonman » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:08 pm

Hi iv just brought a 1979 Fairline holiday 22 foot
2 ton planing hull can anyone tell me what is the right prop for this boat please , the one on it looks like it’s seen better days

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Re: Propeller

Post by rjb021080 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:48 pm

Hi. There is normally a number stamped into the propellor itself. Might need a bit of cleaning up to find it.

If not it will depend on which engine you have. There are usually multiple calculators to help work out the pitch and diameter to get the best from the boat.

Take a look online. Sorry can’t be more help. Hope you get it sorted.

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Re: Propeller

Post by Moonman » Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:28 am

Thank you

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Re: Propeller

Post by ms » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:11 pm

Propeller sizes vary greatly according to engine and usage. An engine may be capable of swinging a huge propeller but a previous owner may have changed it, for example, for use on non tidal waters.
Prop sizes are indicated thus - YY x ZZ (for example 15 x 17)
This is 15 inches diameter and a notional 17 inches of forward motion per one revolution of the prop.
If you have a Volvo 270 or 280 leg I believe the maximum possible diameter the leg will take is 16.

I am no expert but I suspect a 15x17 would need maybe 140/ 150 HP ... to give you an idea of engine size
Propellers are also handed left and right. Here is a lost of Volvo prop LONG HUB numbers.
There is also a SHORT HUB propeller as well.
14 x 17 854977 854992
14 x 19 854978 854993
14 x 21 854979 854994
14 x 23 854980 854995
15 x 15 854981 854996
15 x 17 854982 854997
15 x 19 854983 854998
15 x 21 854984 854999
16 x 9 854985 —
16 x 13 854986 872000
16 x 15 854987 872001
16 x 17 854988 872002
16 x 19 854989 872003
16 x 21 854990 872004
16 x 23 854991 872005
I would start , as previously mentioned, by establishing the part number of the existing prop and you will be able to match this up with the actual size. If it is a Volvo prop you should find this on the main body of the hub (not on a blade).
You can easily get damaged propellers repaired. The are many repairers. Steel Developments, London offer a good repair service via post. It will come back to you like new.
I would tread carefully as, if you buy the wrong propeller, you could end up with something which is most unsatisfactory having spent quite a lot of money.
Unsatisfactory = high rpm engine and poor speed (prop too small), or engine struggling to make decent rpm and still poor speed (prop too big)

If you can find existing owner with your engine size who can advise that would be great, otherwise I would recommend you start with a repair. Steel Developments 020 8874 7059 are helpful and will give you a price.

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