Unexpected owner.

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Unexpected owner.

Post by itsdashy » Sun Aug 23, 2020 7:00 pm

Hi, Yup you read that right I've unexpectedly bought a Fairline Vixen mk2.
I was doing the usual browsing ebay, it popped up. Low on bids, high on time... Thoughts, I've got an empty mooring might as well put something on it... Well, I was heavily outbid, of course. However a week or two later a message popped into my inbox. Turns out it was a bidding war between two people and the winner didn't want it and the other bidder didn't respond so I was next in line. Serendipity etc.

Anyhow, I'm now waiting for transport to deliver a 1980'ish vixen with a 90's Transit diesel conversion. It's generally in fine fettle but needing recommissioning. Last used in anger 3-4 years ago on the Thames near Richmond. Appropriately named 'Off Piste'.

The mode of action is to get the stern drive off (Volvo aq100) and replace the gaiter and possibly have it refurbished depending on the condition. Oil (SAE 90, I'm judging gear oil by the smell) was slightly cloudy to begin then golden so I might be lucky... Casings have had a hell of a time with 3 years of salt and they're ugly but solid. All cables are freely moving, however, the control shaft is currently seized. Not sure how to proceed with this.

Looking forward to getting some decent use out of it in the next year. Oh and hi!

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