Just joined the club with a Fury 25

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Just joined the club with a Fury 25

Post by DrMistry » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:45 pm

Hello everyone!

I 'm taking delivery of a 1969 Fury 25 (I believe some know them as Mark I) tomorrow on the Medway. I've spent a lot of time researching all manner of fun things in preparation, I'm well aware of the shortcomings of a boat of this age and this model in particular, but I fell in love with a Fury 20 years ago and swore I would have one of my own one day, and that day has finally come!

Now, she's going to need some work done immediately - hull scrape a fresh antifoul, a service on the engines and sterndrives (105/100 combo, but the engines have been, erm, "tinkered" with), some GRP repairs and a good few coats of paint, along with some "comfort enchancements" like a new head and water pump, and there are some perished seals on the windows, especially port side toward to bow. That's all stuff I'm perfectly happy doing - I'm aware that we need to use things like specifically marine alternators and so on, and glass and resin work is something I'm comfortable with - but if anyone knows of any specific "gotchas" with these beasties I'm keen to hear about them.

What I'm really interested in, and have been unable to reliably establish, is the original hull/deck colour scheme. At the moment she's got aged cyan/turquoise on the gunwales and foredeck, and while that matches the colour I've seen on an original brochure for the Fury 25, I'd really like to know if this was the standard colour, and if there were other colours or finishes available at purchase. I want to be as sympathetic to the original styling as I reasonably can, and also I'm interested in as much history as I can find.

The interior is pretty much original from the research I've done and she comes with an original cover (along with a newer one which is currently fitted but needs a scrub), and my wife is an amazing seamstress and joiner (yes, she does high quality joinery, veneer and polish work) so if anyone has any details of original materials and finishes, fixtures and so on I'd be really pleased to hear about it.

Above all I'm looking forward to the pleasures of the water in my lovely new (to me!) Fury!

Best regards,

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