Sedan 36 - where’s the blessed vhf?

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Sedan 36 - where’s the blessed vhf?

Post by simonbdobson » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:04 pm

Hi guys

The Navico 2800 dual station VHF fitted to SAMI when we bought her is now probably 28 years old and has finally given up the ghost. It doesn’t owe us much to be fair.

I have purchased a Standard Horizon DSC NMEA 2k with RAM 4 remote for the flybridge.

It would be a doddle to fit the new radio if I could locate the old one... I could simply reroute the power and aerial connections and run in a new extension to the flybridge.

I think I’ve searched every sensible orifice under & behind the saloon helm, in the guest cabin and behind the saloon sofa without success.

Anybody got any good ideas where it might be please?

Simon & Jane Dobson

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