Trim tab pistons or actuator?

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Trim tab pistons or actuator?

Post by levithanh0209 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:56 am

Hi there,

Trying to identify make of trim tab fitted to my Fairline 40. look like bennett but the screw cap is at bottom and a square hull fitting with internal hose fitting, ie not visible.
Had problems with actuators not moving properly (trying to move) despite pump running, made mistake of unscrewing cap to view piston. Once I cleaned up the mess, it was obvious piston would not go back in. disconnected hose from pump but still wouldn't go back in! This surprised me as shouldn't be any serious resistance. removed both o rings but piston still wont go in! Anyone heard of these plastic pistons expanding or something?

Any help appreciated before I decide to rub it down for fit.


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