Targa 31 Prop size

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Targa 31 Prop size

Post by njelliff » Tue Nov 23, 2004 5:40 pm

I have a 92 Targa 31 with AD41 and at present A6 props, I get 30 knots but can take a bit to get on the plane although not so bad now she is clean and antifouled recently. Tabs down does help get up on the plane and restricted to 4 adults load.

I stil get the black smoke while she gets on the plane, but then she is fine.

Please can someone advise :-

What props should be on these boats ? would Stainless make a vast difference ?
From cold the engines are a bit smokey - although I know they are called old smokey joes - once hot they seem fine, is this normal ? .
Do you get the black smoke under load untill up on the plane ?



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