New member with Brava 36 and lots of questions :-)

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New member with Brava 36 and lots of questions :-)

Post by derbigu » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:33 pm

Hello all,
I am Uwe, 37 years from germany, First off all great that i found this Forum in the www.
I have bought a 1993 used Fairline Brava, just 4 Weeks ago.
Its in excellent condition, but however lot of things i am renewing such as polsters, carpets etc....

May i ask some questions:

1. The shower. The pump which pumps out water starts automaticly, as soon water is in. As the preowner told me it starts when water is littel above from this thing where it goes into( sorry dont know the right word for it),... Is this normal? or do i have any option to adjust?

2. I do have the continetal layout, and somehow i can not decide where to put the Radar or GPS, schine the cockpit inside is allready quit full with instruments. I thought about a c70 of Raymarine, but somehow have no idea to place it. I could left side to steering but ONLY if i would change the arrangements of instruments, (ST7000 , Tridata).
Does anybody has a idea for it?

I surley will come up with more questions, but thx anyway for now!


PS. : seems like i can not add any pics here, true?

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