Fairline Targa 30 - Review

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Fairline Targa 30 - Review

Post by admin » Sun Jun 18, 2006 7:32 pm

<b>Introduction:</b> This entry level Targa was launched in 1999 as a direct replacement of the very popular Targa 29. Production continued until 2002 when Fairline made a decision to concentrate on larger models. The 30 featured a drastically redesigned cockpit and some internal improvements. <br>
<b>Engines:</b> A number of engine options were available ranging from a single petrol Volvo 7.4GI/DP up to twin diesel KAD32/DP's, the latter being by far the most popular (and expensive choice). Top speed with KAD32's is around 38 knots.<br>
<b>Look out for:</b> Try and find one with the Lux pack fitted. This included a handy second door to the heads, electro-hydraulic hatch ram and extra cleats. Side deck windows are also very desirable as these improve the styling and lighten up the cabin. From 2000 onwards an alternative dashboard layout was available. This incorporated a Raytheon Radar/Plotter and looks really good.<br>
<b>Colours:</b> The Targa 30 was offered in white or for an extra ?600 (plus VAT) Blue, Aqua (green) or Mulberry (red). Blue is the colour to have, avoid green and red - you might like them but nobody else will. White second best but make sure this is reflected in the price.<br>
<b>Common faults:</b> If buying an early model make sure that the navigation light mast has been raised. Mine was too low and was obscured by the hood. Side pods and bathing platform are prone to knocks but can be repaired easily. Look out for matching fenders/sox and clean bilges, both signs of a caring owner. Make sure that the sliding cabin door is perfect and shows no signs of a forced entry. Replacing this door is a difficult and lengthy job, budget for around ?2500. On early models the ladder is prone to popping out of the bathing platform. This is easily rectified with a ?1 strap. KAD32 engines generally reliable, the only problem I had with mine was whining supercharger belt tensioners. Portholes can leak a little. These leaks can be repaired easily by tightening the screws and using a little sealant. Helm seats are a little fragile and too low. Raising the seat is possible by fabricating a spacer.<br>
<b>General:</b> As with all used boats, make sure that all the documentation and service history are impeccable and check that all the switches, motors and lights work. And, most importantly, always have the boat checked over by a qualified surveyor.

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Re: Fairline Targa 30 - Review

Post by Bluetooth » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:53 pm

time to do a T34 review!
Targa 40

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