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Fairline Targa 29 - Review

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 7:25 pm
by admin
<p> <span class="normal"><b><img border="1" src="Images/t292.jpg" align="right" width="150" height="100">Introduction:</b>
The Targa 29 was introduced during 1996, and was identical to the earlier Targa 28, except for the addition of a longer bathing platform. There are a few examples around that are badged as Targa 28's, but with the longer platform, as the name was changed later. These are sometimes referred to as Targa 28/29's. Accommodation was for 4 in a midships cabin and saloon conversion. The boat features a port head with sink, shower and sea toilet, and a galley to starboard with an oven/grill, two ring burner, stainless steel sink and fridge.</span></p>
<p> <span class="normal"><b> Engines:</b> A number of engine options were available ranging from a single petrol Volvo 7.4GI/DP up to twin diesel KAD32/DP's on the later boats. Probably the most common option was twin AD31/DP diesels (2 x 150hp) giving around 30 knots. Top speed with KAD32's is around 38 knots, and the acceleration is superior.</span></p>
<p> <span class="normal"><b>Look out for:</b> Oil spills in the engine bay - some engines are known to blow their oil out through the dipstick tube. Blocked limber holes in the engine bilge - the limbering is very small under the forward engine bearer, and clogs easily. It is also worth checking the mounting of the bilge pump, as it sometimes comes away from its base. Hoods and carpets - the hoods will lose poppers at an alarming rate, but they are easily replaced. Watch out for tears or splits in the hoods, however, as a new set are very expensive. Cockpit carpets appear to be woven from barbed wire, and apparently don't last long either.</span></p>
<p class="normal"><b>Colours:</b> The Targa 29 was offered in White, Blue, or Aqua (green). Blue is the colour to have, avoid green: it will take an age to sell. White is second best but make sure this is reflected in the price.</p>
<p class="normal"><b><img src="images/t291.jpg" width="150" height="100" border="1" align="right">Common faults and problems:</b> The Targa 29 has a few design oddities that are easily rectified. There is a switch operating a solenoid to allow the battery banks to be coupled together to start the engines if one bank is dead. It is powered from the domestic bank - the one most likely to be flat in the first place! Have it rewired to the starboard bank, or carry a set of jump leads. Stowage space is limited - it is worth sacrificing one or both of the hanging lockers and fitting shelving in them - the one next to the galley is the right width to take standard stacking plastic storage bins. Consider adding a bilge pump to the forward bilge compartment - it does not have one as standard. There is nowhere to fit additional electronics at the helm, but a standard white plastic VHF aerial base mounted sideways on the port side of the console can provide a base for a small plotter or radar set. Consider fitting an external speaker for the VHF radio, too.</p>
<p><span class="normal"><b> General:</b> As with all used boats, make sure that all the documentation and service history are impeccable and check that all the switches, motors and lights work. And, most importantly, always have the boat checked over by a qualified surveyor.</span></p>