Fairline Targa 27 - Review

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Fairline Targa 27 - Review

Post by admin » Sun Jun 18, 2006 7:15 pm

<b>Introduction:</b> Fairline Targa 27 - 29 - 30 - similar hulls, gained in nominal length with different cockpit seating and longer bathing platform.<br>
We bought a 27 new in Sept 88 with twin AQ205DPs Volvo V6 4.3 litre petrol engines from Peters plc. Negotiated a reasonable deal as they had pre-ordered, so we got an early build cheaper and sooner than if we ordered normally. Downside was that ours had a design flaw that was rectified on later units. The problem was a vertical down-facing louvered vent on the transom. If one came down off the plane quickly (thank God we never had an emergency situation) the wash came up over the bathing platform and splashed into the engine compartment via this vent. The mod was to block off the lower third and add horizontal vents on the aft topsides. By the time our was fixed we had a fine layer of rust over most of the metal bits in the engine room.  This didn't look good but at least we never had great electrical problems.  One must assume all of them have it fixed by now!<br>
<b>Good points: </b>Handling - never any worry - good in choppy and steep seas although a bit wet with hood down. Not very sensitive to trimming legs - we experimented endlessly and found leaving on zero was best of all for speed and ride. Easy to trim the heel with tabs. Very good headroom for size of boat - Princess 266 nearly as good but smaller otherwise, Princess 286 otherwise our choice but its headroom in cabin was insufficient.  Good furnishings and fittings inside looked good to us and lasted well.  Tipping cockpit bench seat brilliant for al fresco dining.<br>
<b>Not so good points:</b> Usual criticisms. Mild steel washers on the windscreen wiper spindles - I ask you - where is the sea water going to hit? .... yes they rusted to bits within 18 months. Replaced with SS but the spindles were always rusty. Canopy poppers rusted, solved by friendly Princess dealer in Brighton who GAVE us some white plastic/metal ones. No forward window in canopy and we never got round to getting one fitted. Meant you couldn't stand and drive with the hood up<br>
Our early boat had a good angled companionway door. No problem standing behind if you hit a big wave, but one 'had' to run with the top open to get at the electric panel which then ended up getting wet in the spray.<br>
It was difficult to keep the seats (white) clean as one 'had' to walk over them for berthing <br>
It never did 'up to 36kts' as advertised. 33kts best ever empty clean engines run in etc.<br>
Fuel gauge untrustworthy we had worked out its consumption by refilling etc etc and knew we had plenty when we went Hamble to Torquay, but got v worried as it went down and down in Lyme Bay.  Showed below empty before we saw land ahead.  Got there sweating and on filling worked out we had 20 gal left!  Did run out once as was relying on that, but that's another story.<br>
<b>Prices: </b>Expect to pay in the region of ?30,000 for a Targa 27 in good condition. Look after it and you'll be able to sell it on for the same price.<br>
<b>Overall:</b> We had great fun with it and accepting its mild debits would recommend one.

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Post by rlkz64 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:27 am

An anyone please give me some advise, i`m looking at buying one of the above boats 89 / 90 models, ive been told all sorts of things from different people, some fairline lovers and others say the falcon, any owners out there could give some help, with good and bad points, ( i thought buying a house was stressfull ) Thanks

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